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Weekly Rides

Where do we ride?

The Strava ‘Heat Map’ map below, shows the direction and distance of our regular, weekly Club rides. For more detailed and individual route maps please visit and join us on our Club Page on Strava and ‘Like’ us on our Facebook page.

As you can see from the Heat Map, with the exception of our Park & Ride Events, almost all the Club rides start at the triangular junction of Hillwood Common Road, Little Hay Lane and Watford Gap Road and head north east towards Whittington for a secondary meeting place at the The Dog car park in Whittington.

From The Dog we do a number of regular and scenic rides of around 35-50 miles within the area shown on the map, taking two main routes: one out West towards Barton under Needwood, Draycott in the Clay and Marchington, and one out East towards Clifton Campville up towards Market Bosworth and back through Measham.

The Sunday ride can vary, inasmuch as we sometimes take a route through the Kingsbury Water Park and take a loop towards Market Bosworth via Sheepy Magna. Almost all of our rides return via The Hub Café at Rosliston at around 12.30 – 1.00 for a lunch stop and we aim to be back at the Little Hay triangle around 3.00.

Whilst usually, these regular rides will be from 40 – 60 miles in total, we make provision for those who want to do a shorter ride by starting from locations that allow car parking.

Park & Ride Events

Three to four times a year we organise a Park & Ride Event from The Hub Cafe at Rosliston.  These very popular events allow members to venture further afield, to sample the lower Peaks, for example, and to return within a reasonable time and at a pace that is comfortable for an average recreational rider. After an early morning tea or coffee at The Hub, many of these events include a lunch stop with a steady ride back to Rosliston at around 2.00 -2.30. Parking is readily available at The Hub for £3.00 for the day.

When are the regular Club Rides?

You can find all our rides and cycling and social events on our EVENTS page with more details on dates, timings and locations as well as important contact information.

Our regular Club rides are on the following days:

Sunday Ride (50 – 60 miles)

Meet at the triangular junction of Hillwood Common Road and Little Hay Lane at 10.00am / The Dog, Whittington at 10.20. Leave at 10.30

This is a B Group ride for those wishing to take it more easily and a              ‘C Group’ ride for new or inexperienced riders. Please speak to the Group Leaders for advice on your choice of ride. Typically, all rides head in the same direction with the ‘C Group’ doing a shorter loop inside the B Group and all arriving at The Hub Café, Rosliston (not always this café) between 12.30 and 1.00pm.

Monday Ride (30-40 miles)

Meet at the triangular junction of Hillwood Common Road and Little Hay Lane at 11.00

A ‘B Group’ ride goes out towards Middleton, through the Kingsbury Water Park and does various loops around Shustoke and Fillongley, returning to the Middleton Hall Café at 1.00pm

Wednesday Ride (50 – 60 miles)

Meet at the triangular junction of Hillwood Common Road and Little Hay Lane at 10.00am / The Dog, Whittington at 10.20. Leave at 10.30

Two rides, an A Group and a B Group with the B Group doing a slightly shorter loop inside the A so as to meet at The Hub Cafe, Rosliston between 12.30 and 1.00

Friday Ride (40 – 50 miles)

Meet at the The Dog car park, Whittington at 11.20

A fast ‘A Group’ training ride leaves The Dog, Whittington at 11.30 and goes up to Clifton Campville and loops back via Netherseal Lane, Grangewood, Linton and Caldwell to arrive at The Hub Café at Rosliston around 12.30.

A shorter and much more leisurely ‘C Group’ ride also leaves The Dog at 11.30 and heads up towards Clifton Campville and arrives at The Hub Café around 12.30

Please be aware that all our rides and timings are dependent upon the local weather conditions on the day and can, therefore, be subject to change. There is a WhatsApp group for each of the regular rides and up to the minute information is available so please make sure you join.