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Club Kits

Our Club kits are made to a very high professional standard and supplied by PRO VISION, based in Stoke On Trent. They are available to be purchased, by members only, at a special discounted rate and we have negotiated with PRO VISION to supply two types of kit. One is the Classic Kit with the traditional pink, navy and white colours only and the Racing Kit with the magenta, navy and fluro green colours. Both kits are available to be ordered and worn by any club member but the Racing Kit is mandatory for any rider who takes part in a competitive event or series of events run by British Cycling, British Masters Cycle Racing, West Midlands Cyclo-Cross League or any other club sanctioned event.

In both the Classic and the Racing Kits there is a L’Etape, an Edge and a Carbon Aero jersey available.

The L’Etape is less expensive and stretches to offer a little more room to fit. This is closer to the previous Giordana jersey in terms of quality and fit.

The Edge and Carbon Aero are slightly more expensive as they are made of a very lightweight, technical fabric which stretches less to provide a more aero, racing fit. If you are unsure of either the quality or the fit then contact Steve Harland to try on a jersey before you buy.

For both kits, the bib shorts, bib tights, skin suits, jackets and gilets are all made to the same high quality and fit. And both the Classic and Racing kits include a range of accessories (arm warmers, leg warmers, knee warmers, hats and gloves) and are also available in Women’s and Kid’s specific designs and fit.

For guidance only, we would strongly advise you to use the PRO VISION size chart shown below especially for the three types of jersey we make available. We keep a small stock of items to purchase and some standard sizes to try on before you buy. To order all items of kit please visit the Club Shop below. Once you have made your selection you will be able to see if your item is available immediately from the club stock or, if they need to be ordered from ProVision, when you can expect delivery. As the minimum order from ProVision is ten items it may take five to six weeks and you have the option of direct delivery or pick up from Four Oaks, Sutton Coldfield.

Please note that you should be very sure of your measurements and we advise you to try on a jersey before you place your order as they cannot be returned or your money refunded on the basis of wrong size selection.

Classic Kit

Use Team Name:

CC Giro


Please contact Steve Harland on 0121 308 6836 or 07711 786542 to try on a jersey for sizing or to pick up your order.


You can visit our shop on the link below.

Membership of the Giro is required to purchase your kit.

Racing Kit

Use Team Name:

CC Giro Racing

NO returns will be accepted on custom-made items. Please understand that our custom sports clothing requires considerable time and craftsmanship efforts and has been made specifically for the team/person. As a result, we cannot accept returns on custom-made clothing items. Pro Vision requires that all clients provide personal measurements upon purchase. Only items with a manufacturing error in tailoring will be accepted.